About the University & Why It Was Created

Starting in 2021, Jennifer Lamberti (aka Ms. Jen by the Scouts), a registered cubmaster and den leader with Pack 68, Smithtown, NY saw that there were Scouts in her unit who loved and thrived with hands-on Science Activity Based Fun.  She created a fun Science Day for her Pack and it was a complete success among the Scouts, as well as the Parents.  Through google searches of Science and Scouts she discovered that the BSA actually had a STEM Program in place called NOVA where Scouts could work on STEM based Science Adventures, and when completed, earn the BSA STEM NOVA Award.  It was interesting to her that she, as well as so many others, didn’t even know this was an available program.  So Ms. Jen set out to inquire about this program and in order to enjoy her hobby with her son she became a STEM NOVA Counselor and Mentor with the BSA and put together her first class for Scouts in her Pack, as well as other Scouts in neighboring Units.  The first course planned and given was completely full within a day or two of notifying about its existence.  Ever since, additional courses in other STEM Areas have been, or are being planned and given.  As word spread about Ms. Jen’s Nova Courses the need exceeded her ability to reach every Scout that wanted to participate having limited leadership resources.  It was with those constraints in mind that the thought of a Nova University was brain stormed.  

In October, 2022 during the Wood Badge Course the BSA Suffolk County Council STEM NOVA UNIVERSITY (the “University”) was envisioned & then subsequently established by Ms. Jen.  The purpose of the University is to spread the word about the existence of the BSA Stem NOVA Program to as many Scouts and leaders as possible, to educate and train interested BSA Leaders within Suffolk County Council to become STEM NOVA Counselors and/or Mentors, and subsequently have them become a member of the University.  Once a member of the University those members are provided tools and guidance to be able to successfully conduct STEM NOVA courses with ease.  

The Vision of the University is to have trained University members excited about the BSA Stem Nova program and provide them with a central location for sharing Course Materials, making it easier for those leaders/members to offer courses within their units and local areas within Suffolk County.  The Mission of the University is to reach as many Scouts as possible that are interested in broadening their knowledge in STEM through fun and hands on labs and adventures ultimately leading to receiving one or more BSA Stem Nova Award(s).

“Science and hands-on Labs have always been a hobby/passion of mine and seeing the impact I have on these Scouts and how much fun they have while sponging up all of the information they learn is amazing and so rewarding to see and be a part of”, Mrs. Jen Lamberti.  

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